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Default Re: Another 2000 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG

14) Every suicide plan made in rhetoric is not to be taken as a challenge.
15) When the party kills my pet dire-snake, I'm not to respond by hunting down a new one the following day.
16) Dire Snakes are not suitable artillery munitions, regardless of effectiveness.
17) Sitting down to kippers is not an appropriate action after being assailed by 3 werewolves. The appropriate action is to clean up all the blood.
18) When the rest of the party returns home, "I made breakfast" is not the answer they're looking for to the question of "What the hell happened here?!"
19) Personal plans made during guerrilla tactics against an enemy fort shouldn't hinge on casually making a critical success to parry the first scorpion bolt.*
20) My character is an 8 foot tall, ST 25 half-giant. He is NOT a trapdoor spider.
21) [related] Relying on the enemies' fear of windows is not a valid battle strategy.

*It worked by the way.
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