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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy party compositions

As Peter's coauthor on Martial Arts (and an official staff member, too!), I endorse his words. The spirit of the rule was to prevent people from doing All-Out Attacks against grapplers knowing that they could still evade the many grappling moves that rely on the Quick Contest mechanism instead of the attack roll-defense roll mechanic for their roll to "hit." The exception to allow ST and HT rolls was meant to cover all "saving throws" against all bad effects from grappling moves that had already "hit" by either mechanism . . . and where we called out injury from locks, we probably ought to have explicitly allowed all rolls to resist control (forced change of position, pin, etc.), injury, or affliction (choking or whatever). In short, read that as: "You can't use DX in Quick Contests vs. grappling moves."
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