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Default Zombie Dice Brains?

Hello all,

I am rather new to the site, but have been an on-and-off again player of SJG's GURPS games during the mid-late Nineties. Of course, over the last few years; I have definitely been sucked into (very happily) buying various Munchkin games/expansions & now Zombie Dice.

I've been looking for Zombie Dice since I saw it on Wil Wheaton's "Tabletop" web series... It's been sold out at my local gaming shop, but I was actually able to find it at Barnes & Noble, of all places...

Now, besides seeing that there is an add-on set made for Zombie Dice that will be picked up soon; I am curious...

Is there an official 'bucket of brains' or brain token for this game?
If not, does Steve Jackson Games recommend a specific 'brain token' for the game?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with this newcomer to the forum!
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