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Default Questions about blow-through, initiative and invulnerability.

I tried to see if any of these points had been covered elsewhere but I couldn't find anything so here goes....

1- Does the old "blow-through" rule still exist? I read about over-penetration but I can't seem to find anything stating that a character will only take HT-level damage from any impaling/piercing attacks....

2- Can anyone throw me a few ideas on a realistic initiative? I don't like the current rules and Im presently using 1D6 + basic speed + 1 (Cbt Reflx) +1 (Tactics at 15+).

3- I really wish they had kept the old 3rd Ed advantage "invulnerability" instead of just using a specific type of DR. I wanted to make a creature immune to fire damage but it doesn't exist anymore.

Thanks in advance....
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