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Default How can I turn Munchkin into a 8+player game?

I just bought Munchkin Deluxe this past weekend and played it a few times with some friends. I honestly love this game and so do my friends. I have read online you can play with 8 players if you have the right expansions. I was thinking about buying expansions 2 & 3, and then some more later down the road. I got some few beginner questions and hope someone can help me out.

1. If I buy expansions 2 & 3 will I be able to play with 8 players? If I need 2 other expansions or if there are 2 other expansions I should get besides 2 & 3 because they are more better and fun please let me know.

2. When playing with expansions do I use all the cards? Or do I mix and match on what expansions to use or what certain cards to use? If I use all expansions at once does that mean I can play with more players?

3. Anyone know a good online site besides Amazon or Warehouse 23 where I can buy Munchkin expansions? My local hobby store charges way too much.

4. Anyone know where I can find the Munchkin Bag of Babe figures? I cant seem to find any online. Also if I buy the male or female figures, do they come with sex cards? If not do they sell those separately?

Much thanks in advance! :)
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