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Default When exactly can you NOT play a curse?

The rulebook makes it very clear that you can play Curse cards at ANY time. However, I have a friend who might be taking this a bit too far. Here's a detailed example:

A player is hit with Curse! Lose Two Cards. (First the player on the victim's left draws a card from the victim's had and keeps it. Then the player on the right does the same.) The curse's target has a Curse card in his hand that he doesn't want to be taken from him. He holds his hand in front of him with the card backs facing the player to his left, who happens to randomly choose a card other than the Curse he wants to keep. He then holds his hand in front of the player to his right for her to do the same, and she reaches out for a random card of her own. This player randomly chooses the Curse, but as soon as her hand touches the card, he plays it on someone so she can't take it from him.

I'm pretty sure that you aren't allowed to respond in this way. I've tried to argue that, once Curse! Lose Two Cards officially takes effect, you can't play anything until it's done; it's even too late to play a Wishing Ring at this point. The Curse happened, it resolves, next. Even in card games that do have a 'stack' mechanic, you resolve each card in turn in its entirety before proceeding to the next card.

To make matters worse, he applies and abuses his interpretation in every way imaginable. There are too many examples to list, so I chose the one I felt was the best example to describe why I'm asking this question:

When exactly can you NOT play a curse or anything else that says you can use at any time?

He won't back down on this until he gets an 'official' ruling. I'm not sure if I can or will get one here, but maybe if someone can explain it better than I can, he'll submit.
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