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Default Re: Created Vs. Made

Originally Posted by JCD View Post
Do you think there is a social distinction in Heaven or Hell between the Celestials which are Created (i.e. made by God) and those which are Made (created by an Archangel)
I imagine that's only the beginning. There's created vs. made vs. grown (from a reliever/imp/gremlin), lineage among the made, fallen/redeemed vs. native, pre/postlapsarian, and so on.

It's a very interesting question, but I don't really have an interesting answer ready. Created vs. Made seems like one of the less pertinent ones, since as far as I know all the directly created are incredibly ancient powerful Superiors more or less in their own social categories.

Is it possible that lacking action by Lucifer et al, Dissonance is impossible in a creature like Michael because of his origins?
Lucifer et al. kinda answer the question on their own, don't they? Lucifer and Baal were directly created by God, I'm pretty sure at least some of Kobal, Andrealphus, and Beleth were, and Kronos is God (at least to the extent that Yves is God and Yves/Kronos are anything comprehensible at all.)
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