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Default More questions about Munchkin

Played a few mixed games today and thought of more questions.

15. The Cigarette Dart Gun is both a Gun and a one-shot. Can it have modifiers (Incendiary Ammo, Silencer, etc.) attached to it?

16. Does it receive bonuses from Marksmanship Training or being an Assassin?

17. If yes to either of the above, would these bonuses apply before or after doubling for Russian?

18. Are class restricted items considered a disadvantage of that class? (Eg. Can a Super Outlaw be the Sheriff?)

19. The Sheriff and Deputy Badges both contain the text " may not remove it except to discard it."
And they both have gold values. Can they be sold? Can/ must a Sheriff discard his badge if he becomes an Outlaw, or can he/ she not play that class?

20. If a Deputy gets out of helping a Sheriff (Western Onion Telegram, Diplomatic Immunity, etc.) can the Sheriff force him to help again, in the same combat?

21. Deputy Badge says "but if the Sheriff does not agree to help, he must give the Deputy a card." Let's say the Sheriff was demanding all the treasure, and it was the Deputy who refused that deal, does that still count as the Sheriff not agreeing to help?

22. If the Spook Spook or Grim Roper (or any other monster that must be fought alone) Wanders in (or joins via Undead rule) when there is already a helper, is the helper ejected from the combat?

6. (I didn't forget, just using creative numeric syntax) For Mexican Standoff, which makes the combat a tie regardless of cards previously played, should we assume it tied at the Munchkin's combat strength or the Monsters? I can't think of a scenario where that would affect anything right now, but I feel like it might matter what the actual numbers are (for doubling purposes) on cards I don't have. (Mate?)

23. The Bad Stuff for Wild Bill Hiccup says "Lose your Footgear. If you have no Footgear, lose a level." Armadillo's Bad Stuff "Lose your Footgear, or discard two cards if you have no Footgear."
The Crummy Old Boots cannot be lost to bad stuff, but are Footgear. If those were your only Footgear, would you avoid both possibilities from each of those bad stuff?

24. The effect of Dust Devil starts with "Before the combat, the person on your left chooses one item you have in play."
If the Monster was Wandered in, or joined an ongoing combat otherwise, does this still apply? I guess the general question here is: If a monster joins a combat, does the combat "restart?" (Obviously cards played to affect the combat would still apply)

25. The Ranch Hand (who is Level 10) can become your Sidekick (providing an extra hand). Does it also provide a combat bonus, and would it be +10?

26.The card also says "In addition to the normal Sidekick powers..." Are there powers beyond the auto escape sacrifice that I am unaware of?

27. Can a person ask for help at any time during combat, or does it have to be at the beginning? And can someone who initially turned down a request for help change their mind and offer it after seeing a card played (perhaps one that adds treasure)?

I am dry on curiosity. Thank you very much for your quick and thorough response!

**Edit** Please let me know if I have included too much of the card text and should paraphrase more.

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