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Default A few questions about munchkin...

So, this is my first time posting here, and it's after a weekend where i had friends stay over and we spent maybe 6 hours playing munchkin. Beyond what we could find on the forums, these are the following issues/questions we have:

1. Selling/stealing
If you sell from your hand, is it possible for a thief to steal what your selling? We have temporarily instigated a step where the cards hit the table, then get sold (the thief has a single chance to steal each item), before being sold, but there is discussion on the actual legality.

2. Kicking the Door
Is kicking the door the equalivent of "Drawing face-up" as far as the cleric ability ressurection is concerned?
Right now, we are playing that it is, which allows a cleric to "revive" the last defeated monster and re-defeat it.

3. "In response"
we've had a few times when people throw curses that make you forget your race/class "in response" to something happening, such as a thief backstabbing, then someone said "in response" and cursed the thief. After nearly 45 minutes of arguing at the loudest possible volume, I made the decision to allow it for the moment. There are a few other things people have done "in response" as well, and I'm wondering how we can determine what "resolves" first, (such as, someone tried to throw a potion to help a monster, and someone else who was not in the combat tried to steal the potion to prevent it).

4. A "Stack" order
Similar to Magic how everything goes "on a stack" while stuff is debated/done. For example, if I throw a curse at someone who is in combat, and someone else uses a wishing ring, but a thief (also not in combat) wanted to steal the ring to prevent that, what gets resolved first? The wishing ring, or the attempt to steal? Or, someone said he was going to discard a hireling to steal, so I killed it for a level instead, which gets resolved first, his discarding to steal, or my killing to level?

We take games a bit seriously, but that leads to lots of fun, especially when we are able to successfully "troll" someone into rage-quitting (for example, we robbed my friend blind at level 8 and he wasted the cards in his hand trying to steal back his items).
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