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Default [WWII] Currituck-class Seaplane Tender

Well, if you PBM doesn't blow up in midair, you'll need a place to fix it :)

Currituck-class Seaplane Tender
There were four ships in this class: the USS Carrituck, the USS Norton Sound, the USS Salisbury Sound, and the USS Pine Island. All had significantly different careers.

The first of the class was the USS Carrituck (AV-7), commissioned in June of 1944. She was nicknamed the Wild Goose. She carried men and airplane parts for the USS Tangier, and was present at Leyte Gulf. In Manila she inspected abandoned Japanese vessels and provided maintenance services for the 76th Wing of the Royal Australian Air Force. After the war, she served in Operation Highjump, an Antarctic exploration. She continued to operate through the 1960s and was struck in 1971.

The USS Norton Sound (AV-11) was commissioned in January of 1945. After steaming to Pearl Harbor and then on to Asia, the Norton Sound assisted upkeep and air operations at Okinawa after the Japanese surrender. In 1948, she was converted into a missile-launching platform and was used to deploy scientific research payloads in the 1950s. In 1962, the AN/SPG-59 radar was installed for evaluation. She also tested missile countermeasures, ECM equipment, and a new gyroscope design. Finally, in the 1980s she was used as a test platform for the AEGIS Weapon System. She was struck in 1987, and sold for scrap in 1988.

The USS Pine Island (AV-12) was commissioned in April of 1945. She steamed to Okinawa where she engaged in air-sea rescue operations. At the end of the war, she contributed to seaplane flight operation in Tokyo Bay. She also served in Operation Highjump, carrying three PBM-5 Marine seaplanes, one Sikorsky HO3S-1 helicopter, and one Curtiss SOC Seagull amphibian. During the Korean War and the Vietnam War she tended seaplanes operating in these theaters. She was stricken in 1971 and sold for scrap the next year.

The USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13), or “Sally Sound,” was commissioned in November of 1945. She was too late for action in WWII, but participated in reconnaissance operations in the Korean War. She was a part of Operation Market Time (along with the USS Pine Island). She was decommissioned in 1967 and sold for scrap in 1972.

USS Pine Island (AV-12)
Subassemblies: Medium Cruiser chassis +10; Large Capital superstructure [Body:T] +9, four full-rotation Small TD Turrets with Mild Slope [one Body:T, three Sup:T] +3, three full-rotation Large Weapon OMs [one Body:F, two Body:R] +2, four limited-rotation Medium Weapon OMs [Sup:T] +1, 20 limited-rotation Mini OMs +0.
Powertrain: Steam turbine with two screw propellers producing 8,952 kW; 475,230 gallons fuel oil in Standard Fuel Tank, 20,000-kWs batteries.
Occ: See below.
Cargo: 32,000 Body.

Body: 4/40
Super: 4/40
Turrets: 4/40, 5/60 F

4x 127 Short DP Guns/5”/38 [Turrets] (48 rounds each).
3x Quad 40mm Medium Ground ACs/Bofors [Large Weapon OMs] (1,372 ready rounds).*
4x Duel 40mm Medium Ground ACs/Bofors [Medium Weapon OMs] (916 rounds each).*
20x 20mm Long Ground ACs/Oerlikon [Mini OMs] (5,400 rounds).

Body: 40,000 VSP bilge, 100 bilge pumps; 100 fire extinguishers; 32,000 cargo; 8,835 gallons diesel in a Standard Fuel Tank, 278,030 gallons aviation gas in a Standard Fuel Tank, 13,800 VSP Hangar Bay; 224,460 man-day provisions, 18 workshops, 30-ton crane, two 10-ton cranes. Superstructure: Autopilot; two navigation instruments; two precision navigation instruments, very large radio transmitter and receiver; immense radio transmitter and receiver; large radio direction finder; 20-mile radar, IFF, 81 cabins; 543 bunks; 300 crew stations, 150 environmental controls; 20 hospital beds; surgery; six searchlights, 30-ton crane, 24 lifeboats in external cradles (p. W:MP110).

Size: 540'x69'x?' Payload: 4,095 tons Lwt.: 8,464 tons
Volume: 153,000 MH: 18 man/hours Cost: $1.4 million

HT: 9. HPs: 312,000 Body, 25,000 Superstructure, 285 each Turret, 120 each Large Weapon OM, 75 each Medium Weapon OM, 30 each Mini OM.

wSpeed: 21 wAccel: 0.16 wDecel: 0.13 (0.21) wMR: 0.02 wSR: 5
Draft 22.25'. Flotation Rating 14,760 tons.

Design Notes:
Design wSpeed was 19 mph; design draft was 22.22 feet. Historical values are listed above. Design loaded weight was used for performance calculations.

Nearly all components are an estimate based on WWII designs of a similar size and a 1:426 model of the USS Pine Island produced by Revell. The Medium Cruiser chassis was chosen based on the historical displacement of 14,000 tons (x35 cf/ton divide by 5 = 98,000 VSPs); this chassis gave the least amount of extra VSPs.

The USS Carrituck carried 1,247 men and was armed with only the four DP guns.
The USS Norton Sound carried 1,247 men until her conversion to AVM-1. At that point, compliment was reduced to 540. Armament varies widely over her career.
The USS Pine Island and USS Salisbury Sound carried a crew of 684 men.
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