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Default "Help me out here" and leveling question

Last night I was playing Munchkin with my girlfriend, I used Help me out here on her 2h weapon, to give myself +4.

Help me out here says I can borrow the item if it helps me win my current combat.

Then she buffs the monster +5, and I use the card that gives 3x the effect to a non-usable item and after I roll a dice, anything but a 6 I would have to sacrifice the item.

So the question is:
Can I use the one-shot item to triple the value of her item since its borrowed, afterward if I don't roll a 6 and need to sacrifice it, does it mean I just got rid of her 2h weapon?

2nd question

When a player adds a monster with Wandering Monster and I manage to defeat both, I get both monster's treasure, but since I defeated 2 monsters do I get 1 level or 2?

Thank you!
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