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first of all i have to say this game is awesome! makes army life much much easier to pass!

so i got a questions, please bear with me, this questions is probably answered but i still dont quite understand,

so cleric's resurrection says ( from what i understand) skip the door kicking, may take the cards from discard pile, then discard the amount you take, so to say there is 3 clerics in the game, all 3 is beside each other, divine intervention is overturned by a warrior ( he ends turn after ddrawing the 2nd door), the clerics all gain a level, now is the first cleric's turn, he skips the door kicking and takes the divine intervention via resurrection, levels again, and the second cleric's turn, does it again, and all 3 cleric's level again, and then the 3rd cleric does the same thing, they level 4 times in a row, is that legal? because i dont quite understand the "ability". is my scenario correct?
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