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Default Re: [GURPS DF] Welcome to Hell OOC

Oh, cleverly hidden right in front of me? In my defense, I am a bit sleep deprived.

I've already sent my sheet in. To be thorough, here's what I've got.


Once upon a time, long ago, there was a group of monks and mages so secret that you've never heard of them. One day they were doing secret monk and mage things when a rip opened between worlds. It wasn't a very large rip, mind you, and it lasted for only a few moments, but what was clearly a holy relic from another world fell through.

Over the subsequent centuries, internal politics within the group shifted the organization away from magery and more towards martial arts, always keeping a healthy respect for the lessons learned within that sacred book.

Today they are known as The Hyena Clan Ninjas... that is, known to the very few people lucky enough to learn about them, survive and don't block out the memory or that float in dark enough circles to hire them.

The Hyena Clan Ninjas believe in the killing joke, and as a matter of principal, the last thing their victims ever hear is the sound of a Ninja chuckling, giggling or flat out laughing.

Of course, they need to fill out their numbers and this is typically done by abducting infants and raising them as one of their own. Scurra was no exception. Snagged from her crib mere days after birth, she was raised to serve the Hyena Clan, and serve them well she does, specializing in unarmed attacks. She honors the clan by wearing clown make-up whenever possible and dyes her hair a metalic looking blue. This also serves to obscure her racial coloration, and helps her pass as a “normal” Elf. She works as a performer for a small circus and has no contact with the Hyena Clan except for when she's woken in the dead of night by snickering to find a rubber chicken with an assignment written on it on her pillow.

Scurra was working a children's birthday party to quietly assassinate the kid's uncle (as per the most recent chicken) and had just finished sneaking the gift-wrapped body onto the table containing all the presents when...[insert tie-in to the campaign here]
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