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Default Hirelings/steeds

Does anyone have some suggestions for steed rules? My friends and i have invented our own way to play with hirelings. We put a hireling card from the original deck in a color base. this hireling has its normal plus and the effects of one item it is using if it is in combat with you. it can also have one extra item it it's pack. The hireling has three move (without special items) and can search rooms (suffering minus 1 move for every item over one in the pack that he has) but not explore. If he finds a monster the monster ignores him and moves normally. If he is in combat with you he can be sacrificed for a free getaway.

This does not work for steeds however. Does anyone have any steed ideas other than "You're on a horse". Hirelings really make the game interesting and open new doors (figuratively).

If centaurs ever end up in quest one ability could be "Your steeds operate as hirelings"

In any case hirelings need to be in the next expansion.
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