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Default Necrophobia & Out To Lunch

After a large, unsettled debate, I am creating this post to get a specific answer regarding the use of Out to Lunch while cursed with Necrophobia.

Here's is the situation:

While currently cursed with Necrophobia the player in question flips open the door to reveal the Wright Brothers (Undead). The player knows that he is cursed with Necrophobia. He has Out to Lunch in his hand. No-one else is doing anything to help or hinder the combat.

The Question: Can this player play Out to Lunch from his hand?

My Educated Guess: After reading forums relating Necrophobia to similar cards such as Illusion, moderators have stated that this curse makes you run before you can play anything from your hand. (Necrophobia has the word "must" in italics.)

***I have not seen a post that directly relates Necrophobia to Out to Lunch.

The person in question needs proof that they can(or can't use) Out to Lunch...i.e. an example.

***We also need a credible source: A Moderator or Equal.

All others: feel free to comment, but the argument won't end until we hear from a moderator.
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