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Default Fighting more than one monster. Level up multiple times?

First time Munchkin player. Me and the son did our first game very slow step by step style.

We came across this where he played a wandering monster as I was fighting another monster. I killed both monsters. Do I level up twice? Since I killed my monster and his wandering monster?

Another question. Same instance. After beating both monsters I got two treasure cards for one monster and one treasure for the wandering monster he played. So I got three treasure cards...Problem was in my hand I had 3 monster cards. So at this point I had six cards in hand and I am only suppose to have 5 cards. So am I right to discard enough of those cards to the lowest level played on the table, and if their hands are full discard to the discard pile?

Thanks guys...I can't wait to really get into this game even further. All I have is some level counters to keep track of level and the original Munchkin card game. Pretty sweet!

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