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Default A Few Questions from a New Player


I had a few questions, and I apologize ahead of time if these questions seem stupid, or if they are clearly answered elsewhere. They are mainly yes or no questions, and I figured this would be the fastest way to get them answered.

1) When you die, do you go back to level 1 when you come back alive?

2) When you die, can you now get items starting at the beginning of the next players turn (e.g. My friend died. The next turn I died. Does my friend get one of my items?

3) Are items that do not say "one use only" automatically equippable items (e.g. Pantyhose of Giant Strength)?

4) Can you play one shot items to your board as "in play" in order to get them out of your hand?

5) When someone picks cards at random does that person get to see which cards are treasures and which are doors since they can see the back of the cards?

6) If you are half breed elf/dwarf, can you use an item that is for dwarves only?

7) I read in the forums that you can discard your race/class any time, is this true, even in combat?

I think that is all for now.

Thank you.

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