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Default A weird situation

Now let me explain the situation we ran into in our last munchkin game. So someone was at 5 levels and equipment included, he kick down the door and he turn over a level 2 monster. The thing is, he was under a curse that made him change his sex so he had a -5 to his combat level. 5 - 5 = 0 but!!! It is said in the rules that you cannot go under 1. Now he is 1 against 2 and lose.

That's where things get tricky, he says that since he his a warrior, he can discard a card and add + 1 to his combat force. He then do it and says 2 vs 2 I kill the monster!

My question is: is he right? I mean that the penalty for changing sex is a -5 but since he was at 5, he dropped to 1 but then buffed himself by 1 to win the fight. Should the full penalty for the sex change still apply? He would still stand at 1 since 6 - 5 = 0.

Sorry for my english, not my native language. I tried to explain myself in as few words as I could :)
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