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Default READ THIS FIRST! (Updated 08/13/18)

Welcome to Munchkin 101! This forum is for new Munchkin players to post their questions (and comments). This is not a general discussion forum; please use the main Munchkin forum for extended conversations, detailed explanations of weird corner cases, or other tangents.

Ground rules:

0) ABSOLUTELY no flaming, trolling, or other unpleasant behaviors. Moderation of this group will be heavier than in the other Munchkin forums.

1) All questions about a single set plus its expansions are fair game. If you haven't read the Munchkin Frequently Asked Questions, you'll want to do that, but we'll be happy to answer any questions whether or not they appear on the FAQ.

1a) Questions about mashup games (where you play two or more core sets in the same game) are OFF TOPIC. Please ask those questions in the main Munchkin forum.

1b) This is not the forum for questions about Epic Munchkin. Epic play is more suitable for experienced players, and is no longer supported by SJ Games in any case.

1c) No house rules. This forum is for the rules as written.

2) Anyone is welcome to answer questions, but please answer only the question that is asked and avoid going off on tangents. A one-sentence answer is perfectly fine, as long as it's the RIGHT sentence. If you want to give a more complex answer or include some rare exception to a general rule, use the regular Munchkin forum. Keep it simple here!

2a) Don't post just to agree with an answer. If you disagree, you may post and explain why, but "me too" posts add nothing to the process.

2b) If you aren't absolutely sure of your answer to a question, even if you have a tiny little speck of doubt, do not post your answer. This forum is for definite answers, not speculation.

2c) Followup questions that derive immediately from the original question or the answer to it are fine. Other questions should be asked in new threads here or in the main Munchkin forum, whichever is appropriate.

3) It's good practice to name the specific set you're asking about, unless it's a card such as Warrior or Cheat! that shows up in multiple sets. This is especially important if you're pulling cards from more than one set, for instance if you're using an accessory that came with cards.

4) Please don't post a question on both this forum and the main Munchkin forum. This causes the discussion of your question to get fragmented. Your question will be seen by the people who need to see it regardless of which forum you post it in, and it won't get answered any faster by being in two places at once.

5) As in the other Munchkin forums, we ask you not to quote card or rule text directly. Paraphrasing is fine.

6) Have fun!

Your forum moderators are:
  • Andrew Hackard: The Munchkin Line Editor.
  • MunchkinMan: AKA Erik Zane, official Munchkin net representative and general rule guru.
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