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Default Re: Campaign ideas: In Nomine at the Olympics?

Every time there's an Olympic Games, the Firemen hope that the inspiration invoked by the athletes, and created in the viewers by their events, will snap Gabriel out of her madness and get her giving consistent instructions to her servitors for at least a few days. (Moe Lane's idea, not mine.) Oh so many times, they're disappointed... Who would have thought it would be because of badminton this time around? Some of Kobal's minions have to be involved in that somewhere, right? (They should have known this would happen when the Flame's cauldron was pushed off to the side of the stadium.)

Let's break with tradition and not write out the number as a Roman numeral this time around, okay? We all know what the Lusties would get up to in the "XXX Olympics"... and that would no doubt include wearing out some athletes the night before their events, if the Andrealphans thought they could get away with it.

And don't forget about the (meager scraps of) Essence being funneled to the surviving Olympians in the far Marches because of the Games. Maybe one of them will actually manage to collect enough to be able to affect things somewhere along the way...
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