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Default Re: Helpful links for Kickstarter

As of now (4/12), this is what I know of the nine $4.5K sponsored sheets. These sheets will only be available from the people who pledged at the $4.5K level, not from SJGames. (Latest updates in red.)

Commentary: Considering the current schedule for Ogre (landing in Austin in late July 2013 per Update #74, these sheets likely will not begin shipping until at least late August or early September (from each $4.5K sponsor separately).

BoardGameGeek has a thread tracking similar information.
Per Update #76 and the "Read Me First" sheet, SJG is putting together a webpage to organize information. Not yet live SJG page. [Unconfirmed rumors of ordering links on this page.]

BoardGameGeek sheets
Arranged by chaddyboy_2000 at BGG.
Announcements at BGG forums.
Will be sold through BGG's online store. No pre-orders.

One sheet of Terrain:
Last update (contents): July 31, 2012 (BGG).
BGG listing for BGG Terrain Sheet.

One sheet of 3-D Units:
Last update (contents): October 25, 2012 (BGG).
BGG listing for BGG 3-D Units Sheet.

Barbarians at the Gate (Vatican Guard, Sons of Old Nassau, Anarchist Relief Front)
Arranged by Drew (wolf90).
Announcements at SJG forums.
Pre-ordering hoped for in March 2013: March 03, 2013.

One sheet of flat units, with some terrain:
Last update (contents): January 22, 2013 (BGG).
Samples: March 03, 2013.

Terrain and Objectives
Arranged by Tim Gordon (Knockman) at Tiffin Games.
Announcements so far at SJG forums.
Plans for website and pre-ordering, but nothing firm yet. Will be listed on SJG page with other $4.5K sheets.

One sheet of terrain, with some flat units (GEV-MCP):
"designed to deliberately encourage scenario and campaign design"
Last update (detailed contents): April 12, 2013.

Nightfall Campaign
Arranged by Gary McBride at Fire Mountain Games (gdmcbride).
Announcements on mailing list and website.
Pre-order through website (Paypal).
Mailing list contact: ogre^firemountaingames^com.

Two sheets with mainly Ogres and Scenario booklet (16 pages):
Last public update (complete preview): March 05, 2013
Earlier update (package cover): February 12, 2013.

Uncommon Ogres
Arranged by Walt Freitag (Walt Freitag).
Announcements on mailing list.
Pre-order anticipated in late August or early September.
Mailing list contact: uncommonogres^verizon^net.

One sheet of 3-D Ogres:
Marks III and V in interesting colors and designs. Some of Walt's Ogres will apparently coordinate with wolf90's units (Vatican guard and tiger stripe).
Last update (pre-order thoughts): August 4, 2012.
Prior update (shipping thoughts): July 31, 2012.
Initial Summary: May 12, 2012.

"Pretty Fencers"
Arranged by ACD Distribution (
No announcements yet.
Distribution and availability are unknown (TBA).

One sheet of 3-D Fencers, buildings, etc.:
Blue & Yellow paint scheme by Alvin Helms (FireHorse).
Last update (summary contents): August 2, 2012.
Per Steve Jackson, these are "pretty Fencers".

Nihon Units
Arranged by Roy Kubicek (Thirdpower).
Announcements through mailing list and website.
Pre-orders through website (Paypal or mail).
Mailing list contact: thirdpower^hotmail^com.

One flat sheet of Nihon units (Combine template):
Last update (pre-sales): July 31, 2012.

Other info
One of the sheets has a Mark III scheme by FireHorse; Steve Jackson might have called them "awesome", but Firehorse thinks they are only "pretty cool".

By my count, the nine $4.5K sheets include:
* 2 sheets of (mostly) terrain overlays (BGG, Knockman).
* 2-3 sheets of flat units (wolf90, Thirdpower, maybe FMG).
* 4-5 sheets of 3-D units and buildings (BGG, Walt Freitag, ACD Distribution, at least one of FMG's two sheets).

Potential confusion: see comment by Daniel Jew on BGG on how these nine sheets have each been replaced by 1-2 sheets in the current design.

Edit history: BGG (7/31). PrettyFencers (8/1). ACD Distribution (8/2). Knockman terrain (8/3). Reformat;Knockman&Wolf90 (8/4). Knockman (8/14). Wolf90 (10/22). FMG&BGG (10/25). Wolf90 (12/22,1/22). SJG rumor (1/21). Wolf90&FMG&SJG (2/12). FMG(2/20). Wolf90&FMG&SJG&Commentary (3/05). Knockman (4/12).

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