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Default Re: Uncommon situation with the Girlfriend card

Originally Posted by Jay View Post
I find an answer:

Plutonium Dragon + Ancient + Mate + Enraged = Two Dragon, 35 combat strength each (total 70)

I play Illusion with Lame Goblin, and...

if I play it on Mate, i'm facing Lame Goblin and Ancient Enraged Plutonium Dragon
if I play it on Plutonium Dragon, i'm facing Lame Goblin + Lame Goblin Mate

another situation

1. Plutonium Dragon + Mate
2. Someone plays Ancient
2. I'm, as a Wizard, discard my hand to Charm Plutonium Dragon
3. Someone plays Baby, Drunk, Miniature, Bedridden and Drunk ("-5 to monster, draw 1 fewer Treasure" each)
4. I kill the Ancient Baby Drunk Miniature Bedridden Drunk Plutonium Dragon

I get 2 level and 1 Treasure from killed Dragon and (cause treasures would be based on the final Monster) only 1 treasure from charmed Dragon.
Correct, since that seems to match up with what I said.
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