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Default Re: Revetment bonus question

I've put up a poll since this is something that I thought would be interesting to finally determine.

Another question I had was about 'Archaic armor' as listed in OGRE Mini's.

The MBT has 2/2 D2 M2 and is listed as 1/3 AU. Slightly less than a lt tank due to its slower speed.

The APC is 1/1 D1 M2 and 1/6th au The specs are the same as a 1/1 inf but they don't get any terrain bonuses. They are worth the same as the updated Militia specs in Battlefields

the Field art. is 2/4 D1 M0 and 1/2 au

Have any of these been play tested and/or added to games? How have they worked out and have any changes been made?
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