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Default Re: [Speculation] GURPS 4.5e

Originally Posted by Figleaf23 View Post
Remember, this is for a theoretical 4.5, not 5e, so no major system overhauls or philosophical changes, just bit modifications or fixes that can be done discretely.
Fixing Affliction, so that it is worth the expense to purchase more than one level. Perhaps simply by giving a -2 penalty to the resistance roll for each additional level of Affliction, rather than -1 as per RAW.

Splitting out Beneficial Affliction a sits own Advantage, with its own mechanics and structure.

Blessed (Heroic Feats) generalized into a self-buff Advantage.

Cannot Wear Armour as a Limitation is kinda dubious.

I'd like to see Distinctive Feature become worth slightly more points, and be less obsessed about a direct roll-affecting game-mechanical effect. Hero System works fine without its DF being all about plusses and minuses, for instance.

Talents re-done, so that they always deal with function-performing, and never represent inborn expertise at interacting with certain categories of objects, such as e.g. Green Thumb.

More talk about how Talent can be put to alternate uses, such as representing supernatural abilities or gifts, instead of an inborn function-performing gift, and also how such Talents can then have Limitations. The RAW is actually fine here. It's just that these possibilities need to be talked about in the core book.

DX and IQ raised to 25 CP/level. Right now DX or IQ costs the same as 5 plateau'ed skills. With a small cost increase, DX or IQ would cost slightly more than 6 plateau'ed skills.

Talk about GMs giving ad hoc modifiers (penalties or bonuses) to SCR rolls for mental disads, according to how strong or weak the stimulus or temptation is.

Oh yeah, Signature Gear fixed. It's stupidly broken as is, and numeous stomachable solutions have been proposed by a variety of people.

Two things I'd really like to see is to get Limited Use (uses per day) changed from a Limitation into a divisive cost modifier, because -40% for one use per day is just not enough at all, and increasing it to -60% or so has problems of its own. Also get Healing generalized so that there can be RAW-legal slow-acting versions of it, wher the healed HP arrives slowly at intervals of seconds, minutes or even tens of minutes.

Probably more to come on a later post.

From what I've read in here, the designers didn't have sufficient time to get everything right, and so 4E shipped with some of its subsystems crappily designed. The example I remember is Afflictions, but there may be others.

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