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Default Re: Traveller (T5) fifth edition Kickstarter

Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
However, I think you've made your point in this thread. What I don't understand is why you continue to post in this thread about a game that you obviously hate and give grief to people who obviously disagree with you.

You've made your point, but people are entitled to have an opinion that is different than yours.
Same goes both ways though. Some people here seem to think I don't have a right to voice my own opinion about it, or to provide a counterpoint to some of the (less rational) justifications that people come up with to support T5 (e.g. the "it'll reinvigorate Traveller" line, when Traveller clearly doesn't need invigorating at all). And like I said, if people don't want to read my opinions then they can of course just not read them (and frankly, I'd rather they didn't respond to them if they don't like them so much. Makes life a lot easier for everyone).

Obviously, if people feel they "need" to support T5 then they'll do it regardless of what I or anyone else says (and indeed, that's exactly what they did). But I'll note that I haven't seen a single post from anyone on this subject on any board saying how great T5 is, but I have seen an awful lot of posts (not just from me) that largely range from "meh" or "it's not actually very good". Maybe those positive posts are out there, but they don't seem to be very significant.

There are a lot of posts from people that want to "support Traveller", or "pay Marc back for years of gaming" (whatever that means), with little or no concern as to what the actual product they're paying for is. Critical thinking about the actual product itself doesn't really seem to have been a big part of the support for this project, which implies to me that T5 could have been anything with Marc's name on it, and it would have been just as wildly successful in its funding. Either way, the pledges have been taken so I guess the people who paid hundreds of dollars for a book and a few other trinkets will have to hope it's all worthwhile when they finally get it.

But as I said elsewhere, with $295,000 of funding available I would expect T5 to be a perfect RPG product, presented in full colour with professional editing, layout, and artwork and no errors or inconsistencies because it will be able to have a very through playtest. That money can and should go into improving the product far beyond its original design.

Whatever though, it's over now. I guess we'll just have to see what (if anything) surfaces in December 2012. Personally I expect it to be delayed, given that it's taken so long to get to this stage and it still apparently isn't close to being ready. Though perhaps a hard deadline and a solid obligation to its backers might encourage the developers to stop fiddling with the system and get it finished on time.

(as an aside, I wonder what would happen if Loren made a fundraising kickstarter to support his heart surgery costs...)

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