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Default Re: [GURPS DF] Welcome to Hell OOC

Ok, here he is:


He has Healing and plenty of Fatigue, so he should be able to help keep the party alive.

Equipment notes: he has a Holy Symbol with several useful enchantments on it that are thematically appropriate for a Dwarven holy warrior: Ignite Fire (pretty lame fire god that can't make fire), Find Weakness (for mining), and Sense Life/Spirit (because you can't hide from the wrath of a Holy Warrior).

Combat notes: He's a tank. He has good defenses, very heavy armor, and resists evil spells with a 17. And of course, he has some specialized knowledge that could prove especially useful on this campaign. His damage output is decent but not exceptional, with his main tactic being to open with thrown axes and then shield rush in for the killing blow.

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