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Default Re: Ogre Articles in Pyramid

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
There are still 3 articles up there (not the ones referenced above with removed links) that have issues:
This is not the place to report website issues; it's too easy for them to get overlooked. Proper protocol is to report such problems by email. General site issues can go either to me specifically or to the generic "webmaster" mailbox, but Pyramid article problems should be reported to the Pyramid editor. That said:

Originally Posted by offsides
3) The Nihon Empire references the second volume of Pyramid, which as far as I know is not available anywhere anymore (at least not for the time being, I don't know if there are any plans to release it via e23 once V1 is completed). May I suggest that you change the note to indicate that the full story is available in GURPS Ogre and link to it on e23, since the excerpt drops off in mid sentence...
a. Pyramid v2 didn't get erased from the timestream; it is correct to note that this article originally appeared there.
b. Pyramid v1 has been available on e23 for quite some time now; what do you mean by "once V1 is completed"?
c. The article's subtitle explicitly indicates that the article is an excerpt from the then-upcoming GURPS Ogre.

In short, I don't see a problem here.
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