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Default Re: [DF] Shadowyrm -- One-Shot Beginner Adventure



  Skeletons, the near-mindless rank and file of the undead 
legions, rise from the ground to do battle. 

ST: 10     HP: 10     Speed: 7.00
DX: 13     Will: 9    Move: 7
IQ: 8      Per: 8     SM: 0
HT: 11     FP: N/A    DR: 0
Dodge: 10  Parry: 10  Block: 10

Bite or Punch (13): 1d-3 cr; Reach C.
Axe (15): 1d+2 cutting; Reach 1.
Broadsword (15): 1d+1 cut or 1d imp; Reach 1.
Morningstar (15): 1d+5 cr; Reach 1.
Spear (15): 1d imp; Reach 1*.

Traits: Automaton; Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana; Very
  Common, Constantly); Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or
  Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; Fragile (Brittle); High Pain Threshold;
  Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity to Mind Control;
  Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood; No Brain; No
  Eyes; No Vitals; Unliving); Mute; No Sense of Smell/Taste;
  Skinny; Temperature Tolerance 20; Unfazeable; Unhealing
  (Total); Vulnerability (Crushing x2).
Features: Affected by Control Zombie, Pentagram, and Turn
  Zombie; Affected by Spirit Empathy (rather than Empathy);
  No FP; No IQ-based skills; Skull gets no additional DR.
Skills: Brawling-13; Shield-14; Stealth-14. • One of these 
  four melee skills: Axe/Mace-15; Broadsword-15; Flail-15; 
Class: Undead.
Notes: Skeletons with morningstars have ST 12, HP 12. The
  listed damage reflects this. Skeletons carry:

• Battered Light Shield (DB 1; DR 4, HP 10), $40, 8 lbs.
  Plus one of the following weapons:
• Axe, $50, 4 lbs.
• Thrusting Broadsword, Cheap, $240, 3 lbs.
• Morningstar, $80, 6 
• Spear, $40, 4 lbs.
Goblin Soldier, Common

  Goblins may be cowards when encountered alone, but 
if they fear their leader more than any other threat, they 
can be vicious in numbers. Tough and gristly, Goblins can
be as hard to take down as some of their larger kin.

ST: 11     HP: 12      Speed: 6
DX: 12     Will: 10    Move: 6
IQ: 9      Per: 11     SM: 0
HT: 12     FP: 12      DR: 0
Dodge: 9   Parry: 9    Block: 9

Bite (14): 1d-1 cut; Reach C.
Punch (14): 1d-1 cr; Reach C.
Axe (14): 1d+3 cutting; Reach 1.
Spear (14): 1d+1 imp; Reach 1*.
Spear, Two Hands (14): 1d+2 imp; Reach 1, 2*.
Short Bow (14): 1d-1(2) pi; Range 110/165.

Traits: Infravision [10]; Appearance (Ugly); Cowardice (12); 
  Rapid Healing; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3); 
  Teeth (Sharp).
Skills: Bow-14; Brawling-14; Shield-14; Stealth-12; either
  Axe/Mace-14 or Spear-14.
Class: Mundane.
Notes: Only half of any group of common goblin soldiers are
  armed with bows. Notable equipment includes:

• Axe, $50, 4 lbs.
• Leather Armor (covering all locations except the face), $340,
  19.5 lbs.
• Light Shield (DB 1), $25, 2 lbs.
• Short Bow, $50, 2 lbs.
• Spear, $40, 4 lbs.

Notable loot found in the dungeon includes a Fine, Balanced, Meteoric Oversized Great Axe, $4,950; a broken Very-Fine, Balanced Tempered Glass Greatsword, $11,925; a Fine, Balanced, Gilded Penetrating Long Knife, $8,960; a Fine, Balanced Dwarven Axe, $900;
Total take: $26,735.

To be continued...
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