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Default Re: [GURPS DF] Welcome to Hell OOC

Originally Posted by Dorin Thorha View Post
1) I take it from the intro that this is a rather D&D-esque "Hell", that is, a separate plane of existence inhabited largely by Evil creatures and dead people?
That's right. There are many places that could be described as 'Hell' and they're all smushed together cosmologically. Meaning you could, in theory, travel on foot from one great demon's domain to another's. Though that might require swimming through a river of acid a hundred miles across.

Where is the dial set on the spectrum between serious and silly?

Somewhere between 1 and 11. :)

I'm trying to be as serious as I can with this, which isn't much at all. A cross between Doom in terms of violence, and the Hell from Dragon Ball Z in terms of the seriousness of its inhabitants.

My goal will be trying to make this place look strange. This is not a place of humans. It was not designed for your kind. But I am going to have a sense of humor about it. Slightly over the top weirdness.

2) Is magic gear available, and if so under what conditions (since we can be Very Wealthy...)?
Yep. You can purchase the ones in DF 1, and the ones in the treasure book (the ones given prices), and you can purchase custom items from Magic, but run those by me first.
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