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Default [GURPS DF] Welcome to Hell OOC


Current characters:
Michelle - Wizard - Played by Poonbahbah
Dorli - Holy Warrior - Played by Dorin Thorha
Erion - Swashbuckler - Played by ZmbeHntr
Faenor- Mystic Archer - Played by cltchrn
Jorrik Harrisson- Mystic Knight - Played by Jovus
Greviel- Swashbuckler - Played by zoncxs
John - Druid - played by Momothefiddler

Athelard - Thief - Sometimes played by Talosian -- Currently MIA, presumed dead
Scurra - Martial Artist - Played by Epic Kobold
Elmaeth - Scout - Played by Harry O'Gane

Character Icons.

We will be doing a little metagaming here for character creation. Here is the setup: the characters will be waking up unaware in Hell. You, the players, need to know this ahead of time, or else you might make characters that don't function correctly in Hell. You don't know what happened, but you just woke up and you are in Hell. The characters do not know each other. You are waking up with all of your equipment.

That is all of the metagame information I am giving you. So nyah!

All characters use one of the templates found in Dungeon Fantasy. Either in one of the Dungeon Fantasy books, or in Pyramid (I have them all--feel free to play a Mystic Knight!). That is a 250 point template (which actually costs a total of 300 points, but whatever), with -50 points in disadvantages, and -5 points in quirks. The disadvantages may be any found in the Dungeon Delver's Cheat Sheet in DF 1, not only those found listed on the templates. Points from quirks can be spent on advantages, skills, or anything else not found on your template, but which is listed under Dungeon Delver's Cheat Sheet in DF 1. Also, any technique found in Basic Set or Martial Arts may be purchased with points from quirks. Purchase of all Power-Ups is restricted to in-play purchases from earned character points.

Some special considerations:




Any questions?

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