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Default Re: Really Chainy Mail (Conan mini) and Christmas Star (Santa 2)

Originally Posted by Clipper View Post
There's two problems here. The first is whether it's legal to stack multiple "wear this with/over another piece of ..." Items. It's possible the singular wording is intended to mean you can only wear them with/over one and only one other Item of the same type.
This is not a problem. It's perfectly legal to use multiple "wear with other Items of this type" unless a specific card says otherwise.

If it's OK to stack them (as the other problem is moot otherwise), you now have to resolve the dichotomy of the two descriptions. Something to note is that the "lose it all" types all seem to say you wear it over the other Item/s. Thus, the "it all" refers to the Item itself and anything underneath it, but not anything on top of it.

So if my logic here is sound, and you were wearing the Christmas Star on top of your Knight Light on top of your Horny Helmet you would be able to choose either to lose the Christmas Star or both of the other two Headgear. If you had switched the order so the Knight Light was on top, you'd have to lose everything.

Of course, it might just be that the "lose it all" card trumps the choice, so we'll still need to wait for an official solution on this one to be sure...
The order of what you're wearing just doesn't matter, as that's the kind of pedantic bookkeeping we rarely don't care about, and since Christmas Star gives you a choice, it overrides anything else. Pick which one piece of Headgear you want to lose and that's it. Same for Really Chainy Mail.
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