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Default Re: [DF] Shadowyrm -- One-Shot Beginner Adventure

6. Before the players first enter the area, if they engaged in combat in any area other than 2, read the following passage aloud:

The faint stench of dung rides the chill air, coming from the direction of the large, maw-like cave opening before you. In the center of the cavernous room, a giant stalactite hanging from the high ceiling meets with a towering stalagmite on the the mist-shrouded floor to form a massive rock column. Shadows drape the far walls with curtains of black velvet.
An adventurer with Danger Sense who makes a secret, GM-rolled Perception check will be alerted to danger coming from area 6 -- but not what the danger is.

A Perception roll, modified for Acute Taste and Smell (p. B35), will detect the faint hint of a recently-extinguished campfire.

Alerted by the sound of combat, a goblin knight, an orc sergeant, and N goblins wait to ambush the PCs.

If the PCs have so far managed to move stealthily through the cavern, read the following entry aloud instead (with N being the number of goblins in the cave):

In the center of this cavernous room, a giant stalactite hanging from the high ceiling meets with a towering stalagmite on the the mist-shrouded floor to form a massive rock column. Sitting around a tiny campfire against it, an orc and [N+1] goblins laugh and guffaw amongst themselves. They mostly wear a hodgepodge of fur pelts and mail and have weapons nearby.

One battle-scarred goblin is considerably larger than the others. Easily the size of the average human, his strapping chest is covered in scale armor. The gilded hilt of a large dagger protrudes from his wide leather belt and the gray fur of a winter wolf bristles around his shoulders. He leans against the back of a shield, a menacing battleaxe at his side.

Seated at the goblin's right, the powerfully-built orc overshadows all others. Bulging muscles knot his hulking, green-skinned arms and his stumpy neck is as wide as a tree trunk. Sharp tusks jut from the lower lower lip of his mighty jaw. Deep-set, yellow eyes shine beneath the shadows of his brow, burning with the reflected light of the campfire. The long pommel of a sword fit for a monster of his size peaks the wickedly-spiked plate armor covering his mountainous right shoulder. Thick grizzly bear pelts gird his loin.

Shadows drape the far walls with curtains of black velvet. The faint stench of dung hangs in the chill air.
An Observation roll will note the following:

The goblin-kin, while boisterous, are still reserved for their kind. They may be at least partially alert and on guard against attack. Their fire is modest and positioned to cast as little light as possible from the immediate area.

The more you observe, the more it becomes apparent that the large goblin is the leader, not the orc to his right. Unlike other specimens of his kind, this goblin is no coward. He sits at the head of the fire like a tyrant king with the collected poise of a veteran warrior who's seen numerous bloody battles, who knows the toll of war. You can tell by the body language of the others that they fear this cruel and bloodthirsty goblin worse than death.

As the flickering firelight throws shadows across his haggard, stony face, you can see the goblin leader has more than a few scars visible on his furrowed brow, hooked nose and thin, rough lips. Each tells a tale of bloodshed and the moral of those stories is that he's not going down without a fight.

The axe by his side looks too noble to be forged by goblin-kin; it's likely dwarven, though there's no way to tell without a closer inspection. No doubt, he'll be happy to show you its blade up close.
Standing 5'8" tall and weighing 150 lbs., the leader's name is Goreblood -- a surprising title considering most goblins are dubbed by their oppressive orc masters. It may come as a shock to the PC's, but Goreblood shed his inborn cowardice long ago, replacing it with an intense hatred for all who might oppress him.

Goreblood's equipment includes a long knife (Low-Tech, pp. 67, 69) and orichalcum dwarven axe, both enchanted with Penetrating Weapon 1 (Magic, p. 63), imbuing them with an armor divisor of (2), halving DR. See page B378 for information on armor divisors.

The weapons are obviously of dwarven craftsmanship as an Armory (Melee Weapons) or Connoisseur (Weapons) roll at +8, or an unmodified Merchant roll, will reveal. A Connoisseur (Weapons) roll will also reveal that that the axe is nearly 1,000 years old. They were stolen from the corpse of a dwarven knight whom Goreblood murdered.

For that crime, a dwarf king has placed a $25,000 bounty on Goreblood's head. If the PC's try to collect the bounty while displaying the weapons, or if they are in the PC's possession when they respond truthfully to the dwarven noble's questions about finding any property belonging to the dwarf knight, he will politely demand their return.

However, the dwarf knight's widow will give back the long knife with her sincere blessing and profuse thanks for bringing her husband's murderer to justice. She informs the PC's that the axe is too sentimental to her late husband's family to allow it to pass away, but offers to replace it with another. If the PC's accept her generosity, she will instruct her blacksmiths to forge a new one. When complete, it will be a fine, balanced, ornate dwarven axe etched with the word "Justice" in dwarven on its blade.

TL Weapon          Damage        Reach  Parry  Cost    Weight  ST
1  Fine, Balanced,
   Long Knife      sw(2) cut     C, 1   0      $8,960  1.5     7
   or              thr+1(2) imp  C, 1   0      –       –       7

Notes: +1 to skill; -1 to odds of breakage; +3 to reactions. When 
wielded with the shortsword skill, its swung Reach is 1.
TL Weapon          Damage       Reach  Parry  Cost      Weight  ST
0  Fine, Balanced,
   Dwarven Axe     sw+3(2) cut  1      0      $7,400    4       11

Notes: +1 to skill; -1 to odds of breakage; +1 to reactions.
When the fight is over, PCs who search the area will find little of value except, perhaps, two bottles of orcish bloodwine (DF10, p. 30); $7, 2 lbs. apiece. There are four empty unbroken glass bottles laying around; $3, 1 lb. apiece. Enough grimy equipment can be scrounged together to constitute group basics ($50, 20 lbs.).

If the PCs search the area, read the following passage aloud:

There are no beds or any other signs of permanent sleeping arrangements here, though it's likely the goblins just use their cloaks as blankets and wineskins as pillows. There is plenty of evidence that the goblins have been staying here for an extended period of time: carcasses, rotten offal, feces, broken glass, and garbage litter the floor, corners and crevices. The whole filthy cavern reeks of an odor most foul. Making it worse, when too lazy to exit the cave, the goblins used the south room as a latrine. A dead giant rat -- poisoned, apparently -- lays atop a dung pile in the far corner.
If any PC wishes to actually search the latrine, they must first make a HT roll to avoid becoming nauseated (p. B428) for as many minutes as they failed the roll. Failure of another, immediate HT roll will induce vomiting for (25 - HT) seconds -- treat as Retching, p. B429. No Sense of Smell/Taste (p. B146) gives a +5 to both rolls.

If they succeed on the HT roll, they must make the highest of a Perception or Scrounging roll. Success nets a three-carat bloodstone (DF8, p. 19) worth $1,170! To hide it from the others, a drunken goblin swallowed it. When he awoke, he forgot all about doing so. Undigested, it wound up in the latrine.

Any PC searching the latrine will gain the Bad Smell disadvantage (p. B124) until he is thoroughly bathed and all his clothing and carried equipment washed.


To be continued...
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