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Default Re: Promo card availability description change

Originally Posted by The Big Boo View Post
I make about 2 purchases a year from Warehouse 23, being in the UK means lager postage charges and if I try to balance that by making larger purchases her majesty's revenue and customs charges me large import duty.

From memory the only one that is out of print that I still need is henchmonster which I still keep an eye out for, and heart of the anomaly, but I have given up looking for that one
I just wanted to say that I'm not complaining about warehouse 23's prices, quite the opposite, my last order even with the overseas postal charges was still cheaper than if I had ordered from amazon UK even with their free postage! Plus I get free promo cards, coins, bookmarks and beer mat for munchkin quest from warehouse 23

So thanks for that guys 8)
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