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Default Re: Super ST and modifying ST based damage

S_F has it essentially right. The answer is indeed (D), "Whatever he pays for." But since there's no way to have an armor divisor apply to part of an attack's dice -- it's an effect applied to the target's DR, not to any of the statistics of your own attack -- it means in practice he has AD(10) for up to whichever attack he's paid for, then no AD at all on stronger ones.

Originally Posted by Kuroshima View Post
It goes without saying that the idea is that his blows have an AD, in all situations. This means that he must pay for his Power Blow Super ST...
Actually, it doesn't go without saying; if something matters, be sure to spell it out when setting up these theoretical examples. Doing so ensures that you'll get clearer, more accurate answers from the fora fauna.

But yes, if you want all of his punches to have AD(10), then you have to pay for it based on his best Thrust damage.
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