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Default Re: Epic Munchkin Quest?

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
Agreed with the first two, disagree with this one. As written, the rules strongly imply that Level 9 and below players cannot participate in the Boss fight at all.
Hmm, I'm honestly not sure if I just misinterpreted the rules way back when I started playing or if this was a willful change I made . . . but I've been playing this way forever now, and I wouldn't go back. In my mind, it's like the Fast Play rules from regular Munchkin; it drastically speeds up the endgame, which (IME) is where MQ otherwise drags the most.

(OP, if you don't adopt this change, then still go out of your way to encourage level-10 munchkins to share victory, and offer each one a full set of whatever swag you're giving away for winning. Don't make anyone feel like a shared victory is less awesome than a solo one.)
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