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Default Re: Epic Munchkin Quest?

Yeah, my first MQ demo went five hours long -- it was crazy. So If I could make another suggestion or two, speaking from experience:

1. Yes, start them at Level 5 -- but also rule that you cannot drop below Level 5. That way no one gets knocked so far back that he can't easily catch up.

2. Start everyone with one less Move. (This is even suggested in the expansion rules.) It vastly speeds up everyone's turn.

3. Be sure to tell everyone that anyone who helps a Level 10 guy win automatically shares the victory as well. That way, instead of every boss fight turning into (e.g.) a 3-vs-1 battle, some become 2-on-2 battles, which makes it more likely for someone to eventually win. If you're giving out extra promos for the winners, state explicitly that shared victories mean both winners get a full bundle of promos; they don't have to split the bundle.
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