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wrote out a bio if youd like me to copy and paste it?

(wnot sure how to make this wrap around so People arent greeted by this block of text if they dont want to see it. lol

Nariel is a fairly minor word bound at this point, she had a grander day once.

Laurence is concerned, that shes dieing with her word... but has noted that though he is ANNOYED that she has accepted rites and attunements from the likes of Novalis and Eli, she seems content to take her word to the very end. Her forces have been repeatedly stripped by the Damage done to her word.

She is only a few months by his best guess from dieing. She has lost everything but her very very very last Celestial force.... if anything else happens to her word she dies forever... unless what happens is good... in which case if it lasts, maybe she'll be able to replenish her ethereal and corporeal forces then actively promote it again.

Laurence feels for her in spite of their differences... he know that in spite of his misgivings shes worked had to defend her word.

Her historys fairly complex

She was Created by uriel, Before the fall had even happened, she served him for millenia as a humble reliever.

She Watched the proceedings of the Fall and the Formation of the Council.

In spite of pledging as A Mercurian, she begged to be allowed an assignment on the front lines, Wielding a sword that she might not feel completely useless in this engagement.

Uriel was reluctant but agreed, and was not disapointed.

She won far more fights then she lost. And Helped recruit thousands of soldiers of god through the millenia

After accumalting a note of dissonance once, Uriel found her too useful in the field to remove her to heaven, so he Negotiatied a loan of her to Dominic for 3 or 4 centurys, so she could earn the Mercurian of Justice Choir attunement, making her even more deadly.
Another 10 millenia proceeded for her, Of beautiful slaughter.

When the Purification crusade came she EAGERLY took part.

And where Malakim and cherubim were attacking in the marches, she was helping to Find Priests of the False gods, on earth and destroy their shrines.

When Uriel was Recalled, she, in due turn transferred her fealty to Laurence.

She served him faithfully as she had uriel, sometimes being loaned out to other arch angels for a mission or two.

She had always been nervous of asking for a word, even though she had already claimed the Distinction of Master. Wanting to claim more and more accomplishments to make SURE they had no choice but to give her the word she wanted... she wasnt sure what it was yet, but knew it was important.

As combative as she was, for one of her choir, she was still a Mercurian.

And at the time she had a female vessel. (before then in the proceeding millenia she had used vessels of both genders)

Her orders were clear, to humbly beseach a duke to host a “group of monks” without asking too many questions.

She had swallowed her pride and tried to do her duty to laurence as she had always done.

Dressing up in a Fancy and frilly dress wearing Jewelry... then CAREFULLY curtseying like a cultured lady... at the time she HATED the gesture, but she knew it was the best way to Make a good impression

and it did, but not only on the duke

A Divine intervention occurred, and She could FEEL the presence of god himself... as he connected her very soul forever more, to the word that would till the end of time DEFINE her.

The word of “Curtseying”

after the shock wore off she blinked.

Feeling everything from confusion to outrage.

“this was her reward for 10s of millenia of faithful service, this kind of trivial -”

Wherever this thinking may have gone was interrupted unfortunately, by her knowing that where it would take her was Hell, and she had no desire to become an impudite.

Though started for nearly 3 minutes she managed to make quite the impression on the duke, who didnt understand what had happened.

And he donated a large quantity of money to make SURE the monks were well provided for.

She then finished her musings.

If the lord chooses to grant me a meaningless word, that is his right.

Im not in this for power or glory... Even if it is the word of “rabbits maimed by careless Wagon teamsters I should be honored to be charged with it.

Accepting that her word was valid as it was a form of ettiquite that was widespread throughout the world at the time, She First reported to Laurence. Informing him of what had happened and that shed decided to embrace her new word with both arms.

He was pleased with her enthusiasm, and while he accepted that if God had commanded it it should be, he found it personally inconvenient.

She had been a capable soldier, and a brilliant commander . The word seemed a waste of her talents, even if it DID strictly speaking fall under his purview, as it was associated with chilvaric culture.

It seemed wrong.

She sought 2 or 3 new vessels and roles which were immediately granted as socialites and courtiers

Curtseying was of course ubiquitous , in that day of course, but she made sure that it wasnt a empty gesture but that it truly did communicate femenimity, and deep respect, and where appropiate, submission.

Her word grew stronger and she felt its power flow through her.

She occasionaly dealt with Novalis who shed avoided before then as her own personality became increasingly Femenine.

Finally about the late 1800s it all came crashing down.

The rise of womans lib, caused the virtual death of the curtsey she could FEEL her words death bit by bit from the symphony, and though it had once confused and irked her being granted such a word, she can come in those 8 centurys to truly love and revere her word.

She Felt time and Again Word Forces STRIPPED away as handshakes were going where Curtseying had once occurred.

She knew some, including others she called friends called this social eveolution, but to her it was a terrible painful death.

Finally her connection with her word was as weak as it could get, so her own forces began to hemmorage, Laurence summoned her and Asked her if she wished to be stripped of her word, he preempted her fiery retort saying “Their will be little shame, in this instance, for forfeiting a word, whos role in the symphony would appear to be past... I will not command it however, if you feel you must carry this through to the end”

She sighed and begged to be allowed to die with her word, if that was to be her destiny.

He nodded and dismissed her.

She contacted Friends of various roles she had, asking them to take care of her homesteads if worse came to worse.

One day, she found herself in trauma... having lost her last corporeal force totally unable to become physical again

Her mental capacity diminshed and quietly faded alltogether

Memorys and skills are still in place, but something must cause the regeneration of Ethereal forces to restore some trace of her personality

whoever does so, she will owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.
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