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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

Thanks... hmmmn

two more things on this issue

First I came up with a bit of background someone created by uriel right before the Fall, who served faithfully across millenia gaining mroe and more songs forces and attunements, and did a good job say, inciting mortals to violence against the Ethereal gods in the purification crusade.

She Melloed a VERY LITTLE after uriels recall unsure WHAT his recall was supposed to mean.

But then swore aleigance to laurence... she'd been a bit of a hothead, for a mercurian enoguh some would probaly worry if she was likely to fall, but never did thankfully. Anyway, point is she winds up going on a important mission to convince some human noble to do something (what doesnt matter I think) Then when she does a inhumanly perfect curtsey (divine intervention) not only gets everything she asks of him and more, but god gives her a word directly that seems trivial superfluous and not in keeping (at the time) with her personality.

That and as I wrote it up wondered how do you think most superiors will feel about their wordbound working with superiors their hostile towards, if their word overlaps with that Superiors influence.

(sorry for so much on a pet project lol just am curious)
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