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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
Forgive my two cents, but an Angel of Curtseying IMHO will have an extensive understanding of the physics of skirts, especially of the boned and hooped variety, since women curtsey because bowing would create unfortunate incidents.
Hee hee hee. Knowledge (Dressmaking) would probably cover that pretty well? Dancing might be useful, too...

An Angel of Curtsying would probably want to exemplify the elements of Grace, Courtesy, and Respect. (It's otherwise a pretty trivial Word -- how would the Seraphim Council be convinced that assigning an Angel to this Word would serve the Symphony?) As curtsying is assigned as a "female" behavior (...what do people in kilts do?), the angel might also, depending on its personal religious beliefs (and if they align with Laurence's), have certain beliefs on the Ideals of female obedience to the head of the household. (Much as angels should be obedient to their Archangel... What, what, it's different for some humans, what???) So skills would reflect what curtsying means, as ideals which the angel is striving to model/teach humans in order to promote harmony, beauty, and respect for each other -- and probably respect for (fair, just) authority.

Though it would probably be non-combat, as a Servitor of Laurence, it'd almost certainly have some amount of weapon-skill with a blade -- though it might be a dagger, not a sword, and it might not be much skill.

(I'd suspect Mercurian. This is an intensely social Word. The "sword-play" would more likely be with words and witty banter.)

Ugh, that's disjointed. Sorry. Still sick. O:(
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