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Default Re: wordbound NPCS and overdoing it

Originally Posted by PenitentDemon View Post

Was writing up (mostly out of academic curiousity) the "angel of curtseying" (that is to say the act of doing so)

I decided the word fell under Laurence since Its a part of ettiquite, and he has the angel of Ettiquite serving him.

But hmmn any skill other then Savoir Faire and Dance that would probaly work with that Job?

I at first almost gave her 4 or 5 roles as Socialites in various conservative parts of earth, but decided to give her 2 roles that Traveled a lot instead.

What I thought up for backgruon is someone who ONCE worked a job almost completely unrelated to their current one, not something widely encouraged for obvious reasons, but probaly happens on both sides, someone who gets tired of acting as a secretary for 19 millenia wants to go to earth, or someone assigned to combative roles wants to work in a more people oriented position.

Alon with a nifty talisman or two again for Savoi Faire, and the Ethereal song of opening. Anything Im missing?
Forgive my two cents, but an Angel of Curtseying IMHO will have an extensive understanding of the physics of skirts, especially of the boned and hooped variety, since women curtsey because bowing would create unfortunate incidents.
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