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Default Re: Dwarves of the Shielded-Lands

Originally Posted by aesir23 View Post
Excellent. Flavor text really matters, and in this case it helps turn the style from a collection of traits into a cohesive and sensible facet of their culture.

Really nice work overall.
One price of flavor text forgot got to mentioned Racdeartháir's art tended to but more emphasis on form and texture than color so that art can still be appreciated when relighting on their color blind dark vision in the absents of light (which they need to see color).

the Dwarven versions of the Cult of Earthos plays on his Creation and Leadership aspects and down plays the Sky aspects, though his Prients are not oppsed to calling upon him for light.

the Racmáistir still need more work, their Template isn't finished but i'm not sure what to add. and they need a style of their own. Racmáistir have a very twisted version of Racdeartháir's sense of order.
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