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Default Fright Checks and Soiling Yourself...

So here's a light-hearted question regarding advice on a house rule for failed Fright Checks and... well, peeing your pants and / or crapping yourself.

I personally have never known anyone that has ever "released" as a result of fear, nor have ever had anyone recount even second or third hand such a thing. I know a friend told me of a friend that peed herself, but that was from laughter and there was still the caveat that she had been holding it up. Maybe my experience is unusual and it actually happens much more often in the general public; I don't know. I know it certainly happens frequently in fiction (and, of course, probably ridiculously and unrealistically frequently in sitcoms and comedic fiction).

So does anyone have any idea what the actual realistic incidence of these phenomena are?

And where would you place these on the Fright Check table? GURPS Goblins (3rd Ed) had it occur on a 24 I think, but that was a "special" setting book.

I thought that perhaps a house rule might be that a player might be allowed to substitute once every few game-time hours (or just once per session) a "I peed my pants" for any stunning result (11 or less), and a "pooped my pants" once per session as a substitute for another result.

Or, alternatively, let players reduce the Fright Check result by some number if they pee, and reduce it by a greater number if they... poop. Not sure what would constitute reasonable numbers there.

Alternatively maybe everyone has a chance to do this on any Fright Check result of a certain level or above (again, only once every so often to allow for "recharge"), with a HT roll to resist. Or maybe it's a quirk or even levelled quirk that it happens.

To give it some game mechanical gas maybe for a short time they get a mild -1 to any appropriate reaction rolls with anyone that has heard about it if they peed themselves and for a longer time if they crapped themselves.

I would like to introduce at least the possibility of these things happening to occasionally lighten the mood with a wee bit of toilet humour, but I don't want to ham it up or make it unbalancing, unfair, or unrealistic either. This is for a high-realism, relatively serious and gritty game, wherein I like to occasionally inject some light-hearted humour, or at least the possibility of it, to relieve excessive dramatic tension.

Thoughts? Ever try out some rule related to this?
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