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Default Re: Ceremonial Magic used to support an army.

Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
How could Ceremonial Magic best be used in an Army?. For the sake of this exercise let's say that each of those mages knows every spell in the book at 15.
That assumption makes them worth over 1000 cp. That's a little much for a simulation of "normal" magic.

For this thought experiment you need wizards who need to work for a living and don't have any easier way to make all the money they need. This will probably be quite low pt wizards.

Call it 30 spells and none with more than 5 prereqs. This is going to clear out quite a bit of the potential underbrush.

My own favorite of Rain just barely fits the prereq limits but any historical army commander would be very happy to have the powert to make it rain or not rain at his command.

This is what you need. Simple spells with low costs and large areas.
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