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Default Re: How much should The Magic Ticket cost?

Originally Posted by khorboth View Post
I'm working on an artifact for an upcoming In Nomine game. I think it's fair to pay points for it as an ability with the gadget limitation.

The Magic Ticket will allow its owner to enter the restroom of any travel hub (airport, bus station, train stop, etc.) and exit the restroom of any other hub served by the same service. For example, he could enter the restroom in Heathrow and emerge in LAX without passing through security or customs and without spending any money or time on the plane. It should allow everyone and everything within a single bathroom stall to travel with the owner.

I'm thinking this would have to be a form of Warp. No roll required. But what kinds of limiters? Looking for some real guidance here.
Corporeal Song of Correspondence (see Liber Canticorum), with a Reliquary to hold enough Essence to cover the ridiculously large cost of performing any Correspondence Song.

At least, that's how to do this in In Nomine.

Given that, you're looking at some sort of "drains the character's entire Essence pool" (or whatever you're using instead of Essence) limitation in addition to the "takes recharge: one week" limitation on this thing.
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