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Default Re: How much should The Magic Ticket cost?

Okay, my attempt with my books handy:

Warp (Movement* (Must walk through doorway) -10%, Special Portal* (Travel Hub Restrooms, must arrive at a "connected" hub) -60%, Blind +50%, Reliable +10 +50%, Extra Carrying Capacity (Heavy +30%), Cosmic (No Die Roll Required) +100%.) Gadget (Can Be Stolen (Stealth or Trickery) -10%, Unique -25%)

[235 or 66 if using Multiplicative Modifiers]

Personally, I think that Multiplicative Modifiers give a more fair price for this ability because it is so limited, but generally you're only supposed to use them if you're using them for everything.

Note: Reliable +10 is necessary because you must have a modified skill of 3 to use it with No Die Roll required. This allows an IQ 10 person to make a Blind jump (-5 skill), 10,000 miles (-8 skill), with only 2 seconds of preparation (-4 skill).

*From Jumper.
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