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Default Re: Model for Celestial Possession from In Nomine

Originally Posted by JCurwen3 View Post
On vessel death and its effects on celestials: It's complicated because you don't actually die when your vessel dies (you suffer Trauma, and even then, not if you're a Malakite or have certain Attunements or Distinctions, in which case you're perfectly fine and conscious and floating around wherever your soul goes after). By default, Possession includes death when the host (vessel) dies; add Telecontrol to prevent that.
I really wish they had not built default Possession including death.
Or at least offered an enhancement in RAW. On option of course is to use Cosmic to buy it off.
Another option besides the Unkillable is to add extra HP and Hard to Kill to the Host to give you a moment.

However I prefer an Enhancement to Possession. Also telecontrol allows you to do it but I think Spiritual Possession should as well. Base Possession implies you have no body of your own or one that cant survive on its own.
Maybe being Banished or something could be handwaived as a consequence.
However I would not add Warp and Jumper merely as an escape, especially without some counter for the death of the host.
Would love an official ruling and commentary on Possession. In fact ill post a request in a separate thread.

Posted requrst for a ruling but really reading it I feel Spirit Possession lets you avoid he death of the host problem.

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