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Default Model for Celestial Possession from In Nomine

What is the best way to cover having additional hosts for your angelic self?

In In Nomine, PCs are angels (or demons) who spend most of their time within a "host" body. One can, however, have multiple hosts through which you can switch. When a host is not possessed, it appears to be sleeping, but is still on the mortal plane.

There are two big advantages to this. First, if one host is killed, the PC can just go inhabit the other and get back in the action as soon as they can travel to the appropriate location. Second is that the hosts may each have different "roles" within the world. For instance, one may be a banker another a bum and the third a security guard. Each would have social advantages where the others would not and my have different appearance. Everything other than appearance, though, stays the same (ST, DX, Skills, etc.).

GURPS In Nomine 3e models each as an extra life with the character paying full price for all the advantages of all the hosts. It also says that the hosts are held in limbo while not occupied. My GM wants to stick with them having physical presence even when unoccupied. They then define the character's true form as an alternate form.

Possession with spiritual, puppets only, and each host bought as an ally seems more direct, but it doesn't account for the physical attributes staying and leaves any advantages bought for the host as very cheap for a character who starts at around 750 points. Perhaps a -10% limiter for "host specific" advantages? And then a flat 5 points per host with everything needing to be bought for that host with the minor discount?

I'm open to ideas.
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