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Default serious help needed with card rule freindship at stake

Ok i need help with this card. It is important, me and a some friends were playing and got into a argument and ended up loosing freinds because of it, i take borad games seriously. this is the set up

Freind is fighting monster, we all play cards on the monster so the monster will defeate him. the bad stuff is he eats you, you are dead. so already he is mad about loosing then he has the dice and is about to rule when i say 'wait i have a card' i play 'curse! firmly attached doberman- You automaticly fail your next run away attempt' he says that it does not affect hi, because he was about to rule so this wouldnt be his NEXT run attempt. i disagree because it was his next run away, but he insists that it was during his run away and that it was to late. i said that it would only be to late if you rolled already, (which i still wonder if the card would still work) we eneded up not agreeing and i read him the rule which says (in an loud argument and cant decide on who is right the owner gets the last say) whihc then he cursed me out and we havent talked in weeks.

all imput would greatly help
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