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Default Re: When do you remove a curse and how do you equip carried items?

Originally Posted by johnnyRolePlayer View Post
That's the same with carrying any item isn't it? You can't have a footgear that you are equipped and using and at the same time be "carrying" one can you?
I know Snarky said it already, but I'll repeat it. Normally, you can carry (i.e., have in play) any number of small Items and one Big Item. Normally, you may use (i.e. derive a special ability or bonus from) 1 Headgear, 1 Armor, 1 Footgear, and 2 Hands worth of Hand Items. You also use any Item which doesn't specifically go into one of those slots, assuming you're not prevented from using it due to a Race, Class or gender restriction (a good example is Kneepads of Allure, which doesn't go to a specific body area and can't be used by Clerics). The rules specifically state that cards you are carrying, but can't use must be turned sideways. This includes cards that are Race/Class restricted and extras "not being worn," which basically means you can have 2 Footgear in play (carried) but only getting the benefits of (use) one of them. The extra Footgear must be turned sideways.

As for your Curse question: A Wishing Ring prevents a curse from taking effect if played when the Curse was first played on you, but can also remove most Curses which have a persistent effect (like Curse! Chicken On Your Head). However, some Curses specify that once they take effect, they cannot be removed with a Wishing Ring.
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