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Default Re: The First Interbellum (1918-1939)

Is there a reason why you began at the Paris Commue?

As you have jumped to the Russian Revolution is there any reason why you have not included other revolutions?

Likewise, Jurgensen and the Unity were not certain what should be their attitude
toward the Soviet Union. If they could control the new authoritarian government,
it might prove very useful to them, but if it was not controllable there was little to
prevent it from doing tremendous damage. Russia had the potential, under some
circumstances, to become a major military power on a scale unknown on Earth
since the fall of Atlantis, just as did the United States. The Russians were rather
closer to the center of operations for the Unity, however!
IMO from a historical point of view, that's over egging it. Germany was militant from 1918-1923, there were Soviets in Bavaria. The Russian economy was shattered, it would take years to get it back up to 1913 levels of productivity. Not sure what you mean by authoritarian, all wars produce it and they have been fighting since 1918.

For adventure points:

Blue Army - various invading armies
White Army - Russian Army Generals, many of who were anti semetic and rather grim
Green Army - Ukrainian Nationalists, IIRC anti semitism was rife in that too
Black Army - Mahkno's Anarchist Army in the Ukraine, some what of a drunken warlord
Red Army - 'Bolsheviks', actually it was anyone defending the revolution

Friekorp - German rightwing street fighters
National Guard - US attack on tent cities
British Army - Tanks on the streets of Glasgow
Black and Tans - Special units sent to Ireland

It would be fair to say that the guns fail silent on the Western Front but as you pointed out the conflicts roared on elsewhere. There are plenty of adventure plots after WW1. Planes start getting used, note Bessie Colman trained in France and went back to the US as a Stunt pilot. Tanks like the F-17 could be used in special plot adentures.

Not forgetting the 'roaring twenties' and the petty crook can pack firepower from Thompsons.

Someplaces may not even have legistlation for Passports which were made common usage because of WW1.
You know I am a socialist I thought I have some links to hand ;P

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